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In Memorium

Oliver crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May 2014.

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Financial Assistance with Elderly Pet Medical Expenses

Bingo Pet Hospice is currently providing Financial Assistance for elderly pet medical expenses to residents of Guilford County with plans to include the entire Piedmont Triad Area. The organization is a non-profit relying upon the community for its ability to fund programs therefore resources may be limited. Your application will be processed as quickly as possible based on availability of funds. Please be sure that your application is complete and accurate before submission.  Don't hesitate to ask for help in filling out your form at  We want to help you!


Please review the following Qualifications before submitting an application:

  1. Must be a resident of Guilford County, North Carolina.
  2. Pet must be 7 years or more of age.
  3. Services funded must relate to the senior’s quality of life care.
  4. Owner must be in financial good standing with their veterinarian.
  5. A home visit will be required as part of the application process.
  6. Approved funding will apply to a specific procedure or specified period of time, after which, the owner will need to reapply for further funding.
  7. Funds will be distributed directly to your veterinarian.
  8. Funds will not be distributed for online purchases of medications.
Financial Assistance Application
Financial Assistance Application.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [188.9 KB]

Financial Assistance is open again due to the generosity of an amazing donor.

More teeth...a lot of teeth


Macy went in for regular dental cleaning and possibly some extractions.  Maybe it's easier to tell you how many teeth she left with because she left 24 at the vet!  That's a lot of teeth extractions.

The things you find under the knife...


Gizmo was so lucky!  She went in for surgery to have a mammary mass removed and the vet found pyometra!  Her uterus was entirely infected and needed to be removed.  Now she will live a long healthy life.  Always spay and neuter your pets please.

More than just a Peanut


Like most small dogs, Peanut needed some teeth extracted and well, lost some nuts in the process.  A neuter and a dental, now that's the works!

Two surgeries for Fluff


This sweet little Fluff had two separate surgeries.  One to remove a mammary mass and then a second to remove an anal mass.  She was too small and weak to handle both surgeries at the same time.

Brandon and Jackson


Brandon needed bloodwork and some x-rays to see what ailed him.  A little arthritis medicine and some Proin and he was up and moving again. 


Jackson needed a good dental cleaning and some extractions.  Then he was running circles around Brandon again.

Screwed up hormones make me itchy!


Tadae Bond is a 10 year old Shih Tzu with severe dermatitis and thyroid disease. BPH is able to assist Benessere Animal Hospital with the costs associated with an aggressive treatment program for Tadai.  He is responding well and on a path to recovery. 

3 legs won't slow me down!

Nikki had a mass on her leg that grew rapidly and then burst suddenly.  Unforturnately, she had to have her leg amputated to prevent any future complications.  BPH was able to assist with a portion of the costs of her surgery. She is healing nicely and has many happy years ahead of her.

Zoe has a clean bill of health.


Twelve year old Zoe, the Shih Tzu, had a mass in her abdomen that was found during a regular vet check up.  A quick surgery and some lab tests and Zoe has a clean bill of health. 

Rusty takes a load off!


Rusty is a 12 year old Jack Russell terrier with a mass on his hip.  Surgery removed the mass that weighed 6 pounds, a quarter of his overall weight!  Talk about taking a load off!

The two gentlemen Chihuahuas


Skippy and Slugger both had severe periodontal disease and needed a thorough dental cleaning.  After removing several rotting teeth, these two old gentlemen Chihuahuas are feeling a lot better.



We have had a run on kitties lately. This is 13 year old Pickles. Not only is she 13, she is blind too and was never expected to live past 1 year old. Pickles was having difficulty in the potty. Bingo Pet Hospice helped her get some x-rays to see if she had bladder stones. Good news, no stones. Her vet at Sheets Pet Clinic thinks it is just a bad UTI which can be helped with some meds.



This is DJ another 17 year old kitty. He recently changed some of his habits and was acting lethargic. Bingo Pet Hospice helped him with some diagnostic tests at Southwoods Animal Hospital. Still haven't found anything wrong but we are waiting for his urinalysis results. Hopefully its just old age and nothing more. We can deal with old age, that just needs extra loving.



Believe it or not Daisy is 17 years old. She was not eating well and her owner was concerned that something was wrong. Bingo Pet Hospice helped Daisy see the vet at Benessere Animal Hospital and get some diagnostic tests. Daisy has some inflammation and pain but will be able to handle it with some medication. If only she will take it! Cat owners know what I mean!

Getting around town on some new wheels...




Check out Missy in her new wheels from BPH!  She loves taking walks with her family again!




Vince is pulling some wheelies in his new wheelchair from BPH!

Dixie is walking better


Dixie is walking better after have a mass removed from her back leg.  BPH is glad we could help with the cost of the surgery and meds.  Now go chase your brother around Dixie!

Inky finds relief from pain

Inky was suffering from severe dehydration and kidney failure when BPH was contacted.  Sometimes there is little that you can do except to relieve their pain.  Rest easy now Inky across the Rainbow Bridge with your brothers and sisters.

Baxter is smiling pretty


Baxter is smiling pretty after a long overdue teeth cleaning provided by BPH and Dr. Oliver of Benessere Animal Hospital.  Regular teeth cleanings can prevent a lot of health problems in older dogs.  Just ask Baxter how much it helps!

Jada was such a loving dog...

BPH was able to help Jada with the diagnosis of a mass in her airway that was inoperable.  Jada passed away shortly thereafter and we were able to assist with her cremation.  Run free across the Rainbow Bridge Jada!

Baron Von Lucky is feeling better


Baron is an 11yr old Great Pyrenees with arthritis.  This is a common issue for dogs the size of Baron.  Bingo Pet Hospice is helping Baron ease his aches and pains with some monthly arthritis medications.  Here’s to a better quality of life Baron!

Magic may be gone but not forgotten...

Magic was a 13yr old kitty that was in very bad shape when Bingo Pet Hospice was contacted.  Magic was in kidney failure and there was little that could be done for her.  Bingo Pet Hospice was able to assist with her final diagnosis and return across the Rainbow Bridge.  You will be missed Magic.

Topper is back on top!

Topper is a repeat client with Bingo Pet Hospice.  This twelve year old Cocker Spaniel/Lab mix was having some intestinal issues.  Bingo Pet Hospice helped Topper get to the doctor for the medicine he needed to feel better and get back to his old self.  Glad we could help again Topper and glad to see you are doing well!

Wednesday is actually his name!

Not Monday, not Tuesday but Wednesday, the cat.  Wednesday is an 11yr old Tuxedo whose health was declining when Bingo Pet Hospice met him.  X-rays revealed a large mass in his throat.  The mass was successfully removed during surgery and Wednesday’s health continues to improve.  He is a happy, healthy cat with years left to live!

Hunter and his tumor...

This is Hunter, an 11yr old Black Lab, who was having trouble breathing due to a large tumor in the back of his mouth.  Bingo Pet Hospice helped Hunter get the mass removed.  Unfortunately, cancer took Hunter shortly after his successful surgery.  But he was able to breathe easier during his final days.

Mickey's tail won't stop wagging!

Bingo Pet Hospice is working with Mickey to get him the medication he needs to prevent his epileptic seizures.  His owner is unable to afford this expensive medication and does not wish to surrender him to a shelter that may deem him too costly to maintain.  Bingo Pet Hospice is working to keep this family together. 

Meet 14 yr old Ella



Ella is a 14 year old Miniature Schnauzer with an abscessed tooth and a weeping mass on her face.  Ella's surgery went well and we hope that she gets back to the energetic sweetheart her Daddy loves so much!

Angels come in all sizes...



This is Angel, the tiniest Pomeranian I've ever met!  Bingo Pet Hospice helped Angel with some x-rays to determine the cause of a hacking cough and a dental cleaning and tooth extraction.  Her family was so worried about her but now can rest easy knowing her quality of life has been improved.

Brothers have a lot in common, sometimes not such good things...


Last year, Bingo Pet Hospice helped out 14 yr old Jack with some dental work.  This year, we are helping out his Cairn terrior brother, Jake!  Jake's mouth was in horrible condition, the worse his vet has seen in a while.  After a good thorough cleaning and removal of several teeth, he looks pretty happy, doesn't he!  Caring for your pet's teeth can help him stay healthy during those golden, senior years!

Meet Emma, Daddy's girl

Emma is an 8yr old, Tennessee Walker hound mix with a canceroud lump on her right, front leg.  When Project BARK contacted us, we were more than happy to help with funds to have her leg amputated to prevent the spread of cancer.  Once her leg was amputated, she was back to chasing squirrels in the yard as if she was born with 3 legs.  Emma now has the chance to live a long, healthy life.  Check out this video of her post-amputation...

Updates on Kai and Chi Chi...

Kai is responding well to the chemo meds for her tumor and continues to eat well and play ball.  Chi Chi is maintaining his good health and his congestive heart disease has not progressed which keeps his owner in good spirits.  Bingo Pet Hospice continues to assist Kai and Chi Chi with the expenses of their monthly medications to sustain a good quality of life in their golden years.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to assist these families in need with providing the best possible care for their furry family members.  Thank you!.

Chi Chi the Therapy Dog!

This is Chi Chi, a therapy dog for his owner.  He is a ten year old Japanese Chin with congestive heart failure.  With your help, Bingo Pet Hospice is able to pay for his medications to ensure that he will be able to assist his owner for as long as possible. 

Meet Kai and consider helping her...

This beautiful girl is Kai!  Kai is 12 years young and is battling an inoperable tumor in her colon. She is taking medication that has given her ball-loving life back but it is very expensive.  Bingo Pet Hospice is pleased to be able to help Kai get her medication for the next month but she needs your help too!  Please consider making a donation, large or small, to help Kai!  Click on the Donate button on the left or mail a check to Bingo Pet Hospice, 4016-H Battleground Ave #133, Greensboro, NC 27410.  Kai is completely healthy other than the tumor but left untreated it may take her before her time, please consider helping her! Thank you!

Topper Update!

Topper made it through surgery wonderfully and is back home with his family!  Thank you for the well wishes and let's hope for a speedy recovery.  To make a donation for Topper's surgery please use our Donate button to the left!

Meet Topper!


Topper is a 9 year old Cocker/Lab mix with a tumor on his side in need of removal. He is our latest financial assistance recipient and will be having his tumor removed and a compromised tooth extracted at the same time. Good luck to Topper and a speedy recovery!

Mr. Krinkles

Dear Mr. Krinkles...he came to us with severe constipation and we assisted him to get the help he needed from his vet. Then he was diagnosed with colon tumor(s). His owners kept him comfortable until his suffering became too much.  Bingo Pet Hospice then assisted his owners with the costs of graceful passing of the Rainbow Bridge. He was a brave soul and now plays joyfully in a better playground.

Don't let this sad face fool you...Julie really is a happy-go-lucky dog!


Bingo Pet Hospice is helping Julie's parents with the veterinary costs to have a ruptured mammary mass removed and to have her spayed to help prevent any future difficulties.  Julie is a sweet, gentle and happy 8 year old Pit Bull and we wish her a speedy recovery and return to her loving family.

Update on Jack!



Here's Jack waking up from anesthesia after his dental cleaning. He had 4 teeth removed and the rest are free of plaque. Jack is recovering well and feeling much better!

Meet Jack!

Jack is about to turn 14 years old!  Wish I aged as well as a Cairn terrier!

Jack is about to get a dental cleaning and a couple of painful teeth removed.  We've seen this procedure change the life of so many senior dogs that most of them start acting like puppies again!  Best of luck to Jack!  Bingo Pet Hospice is so happy to be able to help him out.

A Lesson From Drew

Some stories are truly hard to report. This is Drew. Being a white, outdoor cat made him highly susceptible to sun cancer on his ears. His mom contacted us after stumbling upon our website to see if we could help. She was previously declined financial assistance from another organization because of the potential cost of treatment for Drew. By the time we were able to step in, it was not about a cure for Drew but quality of life. Drew's cancer had caused gaping wounds on his ear and skull. Upon closer veterinarian examination, it was determined to spare Drew a very poor and painful quality of life. Bingo Pet Hospice was able to provide the funding to humanely euthanize Drew and relieve his suffering. Blessings for Drew and his family as he crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

Please help us spread the word about our cause so we don't arrive too late again. And if it is too late, don't let your pet suffer because you cannot afford to relieve their pain. We want to help, don't hesitate to ask.

Meet Precious!

Precious is a 12 yr old Chihuahua that sprained a shoulder muscle possibly from jumping off the bed. Bingo Pet Hospice was able to get him the vet care and medicine he needed to recover as well as update all of his shots, have him tested for HW and give him flea protection. His parents are very grateful. We are too. Thanks to the kindness of the community!


It is with much sadness that we report that Sadie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We wish her a gracious passing and her owner our thoughts and prayers.  Goodbye Sadie.

Sadie Needs Your Blessings!

Meet Sadie a 9 yr Jack Russell/Beagle mix.  As you can see, Sadie's abdomen is very swollen.  Bingo Pet Hospice was able to fund an ultrasound for Sadie.  Sadie's results were not good and showed that she has a tumor permeating her spleen, liver and abdomen.  For now, Sadie is resting comfortably with the antibiotics and pain meds she needs.

Please send her and her mom the prayers they will need during this difficult time.

Biscuit Update

Dr. Janine Oliver at Adams Farm Animal Hospital, P.A. was kind enough to take some pictures during Biscuit's surgery today. Biscuit ended up having 24 teeth removed. Shocking! It is sooooo important to have your pet's teeth cleaned regularly, especially if you're not brushing them everyday!


This is Biscuit post surgery.  Visit our photo album on Facebook to see all of the photos!

Biscuit the Shih Tzu!

Biscuit just found out that she is receiving financial assistance to have an infected tooth removed and a procedure to restore some bone loss from tooth decay.  She'll feel much better once it's done but I don't like the dentist either!

Meet Boston!



This is our new client Boston.  He is a Mountain Feist which doesn't seem to describe his friendly, loving nature.  His dad has been approved for financial assistance for the expense of bloodwork and prescription food to monitor and control Boston's acute pancreatitis.  Here's to a better, healthier future for Boston!

Sassie Update!



Sassie our precious Tuxedo kitty went in for her teeth cleaning today. Uh-oh, infected tooth. The doctor removed the tooth and hopefully with this cleaning she won't lose any more any time soon! She will be smiling soon enough as sly as a Cheshire cat! Glad we could help Sassie!

Feline a little 'Sassie'?


Meet Sassie! Sassie's mom came to us after losing her long-time job to see if we could help Sassie with a dental cleaning for some infected teeth. Who could resist that sweet face? And she purrs relentlessly! Sassie is a 7 yr old female Tuxedo that with a proper dental cleaning will have many mouse chasing years ahead of her!

Daisy Mae Update

Daisy Mae is recovering nicely from her surgery!  She had a 3 pound fatty tumor removed from her side which was causing her pain and limiting her mobility.  She is looking forward to getting her stitches out and visiting with the neighborhood kids again!

Please meet Daisy Mae!

Daisy Mae is a 15 yr old beagle mix with a massive fatty tumor on her side.  The mass was enlarging and impeding her gait and needed to be removed.  Unfortunately her mom was facing mounting medical bills herself.

Bingo Pet Hospice was able to fund Daisy Mae's surgery with Summerfield Veterinary Hospital and she is doing great.  Daisy Mae is on her way to recovery with reduced pain and discomfort.

Jessie Update!

Jessie's ultrasound was good news/bad news. He is not in immediate danger which is good but they did find a mass on his spleen. Jessie will meet with his vet next week to find out what his vet recommends. Jessie's mom is relieved that he is not in immediate danger and wants to thank everyone for their well wishes!

Jessie Needs Your Prayers!


Meet Jessie! He is a 13 1/2 yr old black lab mix and the apple of his mom's eye! Jessie has just received a grant from Bingo Pet Hospice to receive an ultrasound. Please send your prayers to Jessie and his wonderfully caring mom that his diagnosis is good.

Scarlett Update!

Scarlett is doing much better!  All of her infected teeth have been removed and she is loving her senior canned food.  Her chronic UTI has been cleared with antibiotics and her bladder is under control with medication.  A special thanks to Dr. Janine Oliver and Adams Farm Animal Hospital for giving Scarlett a healthy retirement.  Bingo Pet Hospice has been able to fund a portion of her vet bill but not the entire $1900 amount.  Any amount that you are able to donate will help to cover her medications with the hope of giving her the opportunity to be adopted by a loving family that can give her the best retirement home!

Meet Scarlett! She needs your help!

Scarlett has been surrendered by owners that kept her in the backyard for 2 yrs without veterinary care. She has a chronic UTI, a heart murmur and severe dental problems. Scarlett is approx 14 yrs old and does not deserve to live out her life like this. Bingo Pet Hospice is providing funding to assist with her medical care and is searching for a foster or permanent home for Scarlett. Despite her neglect, she is a sweet natured, loving dog. Please help Scarlett by providing her a home or making a donation for her care.
Scarlett thanks you!

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