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3912 Battleground Avenue

Suite 112, #133

Greensboro, NC  27410


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In Memorium

Oliver crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May 2014.

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About Us

The Inspiration


In 2009, old age began to catch up with Bingo, my American Border Collie, who was age 11 at that time. She could no longer climb stairs and I could no longer get her sixty-five pounds into the car to go to the vet. The expense of her medications was really stretching my budget but I knew I had to do the most that I could to ensure her comfort. Week after week, I was faced with yet another challenge and had to find a solution to adjust to Bingo’s changing needs. I found my vet ill-prepared to counsel me and was repeatedly told that I would soon have to make that difficult decision. That is when I decided that I could not be the only person dealing with these obstacles. Information and support needed to be easily accessible to everyone. Although Bingo passed in December of 2011, her struggle continues as the heart and soul of Bingo Pet Hospice.


The Mission


Bingo Pet Hospice supports owners of aging pets with educational, emotional and financial assistance for quality-of-life and end-of-life care to prevent the abandonment or unnecessary, early euthanasia of elderly animals.


Volunteers and Location

Bingo Pet Hospice is run entirely by volunteers from our community.  There is currently a seven person volunteer Board of Directors, including two local veterinarians.


Operations are conducted out of the home of the organization's Founder until enough capital is raised to build a retirement home for surrendered or abandoned elderly pets.  Ten percent of contributions is set aside for this purpose.

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